Monday, September 1, 2014

First 50-Word Story

One of the men on my peer review site challenged everyone to write a 50-word story as an exercise in brevity.  It was one of the hardest things I have ever written-trying to fit a middle, beginning, and end all into only fifty words.  I submitted the resulting piece, Womb,  to 50-Word Stories, and they chose to publish it.

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Pressure squeezes me to the rhythm of her heartbeat.
The warm fluid around me turns metallic and rushes past, pulling. I fight to stay until my body relaxes against smooth, strong walls.
I gasp as the womb releases me. My chest swells then releases the agony.
The silence is gone.

Sherri Ellerman is an Occupational Therapist who spends her free time writing short fiction and poetry. She has had a flash fiction story published in River and South Review, a literary journal. Her article “Five Steps to Consider in Romance Fiction” was published atWrite Well, Write to Sell in July 2014. She is the Flash Fiction editor for Liquid Imagination, an online literary magazine.

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