Monday, March 17, 2014

Wonder as We Know / Gold Ribbon Winner at All Poetry

For every moment we share with someone on the surface
We live a thousand thoughts inside our minds
Each one leading us down another path
We know not where it will go, only where it begins

Just as we feel closure on one memory, another one appears
We must go where we are led
To destinations unplanned and unknown
Until the outside world draws us back to the surface

We attempt to share with others the innermost parts of ourselves
By writing stories and singing songs
But none of it is any more than tiny grains of dirt atop an anthill
That can only hint at the true depth of what is beneath

Inside, we are stars in our own plays
On the surface, only supporting actors for those around us
We are never as important as we think
We never truly believe that we are

Beneath the surface, we do not choose who we will portray
Because everything we have ever been or felt is there
We rise as we fall and slump under the agony of defeat
While holding our heads high and taking the next step in confidence.

We wonder about things we already know 
And know the things we do not understand
We pass ourselves at dead ends
Even as we rejoice in new beginnings

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